Product Detail


Viscosity Modifying Polymers

1)CoPolymer of Acrylic Acid & Acrylamide (Parifloc Anionic)

• Replacement of Viscosity Modifying Agent
• High Molecular Weight useful for Binding of Admixtures
• Free Flowing White Powder
• Strong Flocculation Capacity
• Completely Water Soluble
• Maintain Balance Between Fluidity & Resistance to Segregation
• Increase Cohesiveness & Eliminates Bleeding
• Increase Strength & Reduce Drying Time
• Packing - 10 Kgs Bags

2)Sodium Route Acrylic Acid Polymer (SAP-501)

• High Absorption Rate (1000 Times of Dry Weight)
• Good Water Retention Capacity
• 100% Soluble and Miscible in Water
• Reduction of Bleeding
• Improved Viscosity
• Packing - 20 Kgs Bags

• Available with us Water Treatment Chemicals, which is effective, safe to use and processed using tested ingredients. Our range of Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals is fabricated by using balanced composition. Our Water Treatment Chemicals are extensively used to purify and treat water and making it suitable for industrial, domestic and household purposes. These chemicals are available in market at competitive rates.