Product Detail


Amino Acid 50% Powder

Chemical Indexes
Product name Compound Amino Acid Powder
Source High Grade Leonardite
Appearance: Yellow or light yellow powder
Amino Acid 50%min
Nitrogen 22%min
Water Solublity 100%
Physical Indexes
Place of Origin Liaoning China(Mainland)
Shape Powder
Purity 100%
Application Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials for green crops

Function and Benefits
Function& Benefits
1.Improve the quality of the soil ,help the soil to creat crumb structure ,keep the water & nutrients in the soil
2.Enhance the utilization of N,P,K,also can chelate with Trace Element, Balance the Crops ' nutrients
3.Enhance crops anti-stress capability like drought & cold resistance
4.Improve Quality of the fruit like watermelon,Hamimelon,sugarcane,sugarbeet ,etc...
5.Promote roots growth
6.Increase 20~30% yeild
7.Adjust PH value.
8.Degaradation harmful substance in the soil