Product Detail


Super Absorbent Polymer (Potassium)

Appearance:White powder or granule;
Solid Content,%:93min;
Free absorbency of distilled water,g/g:400min;
Free absorbency of tap water,g/g:100min;
Mesh:8-18(2.5mm--1mm)&20-80(1.25mm--0.2mm) available.

Appearance White granule
Solid Content ≥92%
Chemical main element Potassium,polyacrylate copolymer
Free absorbency of tapwater (g/g) ≥100
Free absorbency of distilled water(g/g) ≥400
PH Value 6.5—8.7
Particle size 8—18mesh or 20—80mesh
Degradability in the soil(year) 2-3year