Product Detail

Super Absorbent Polymer (Sodium)

SAP is a highly water absorbent polymer which is a cross-linked poly (sodium acrylate) SAP can absorb 500-1,000 times its weight in water and 50-70 times in synthetic urine; it is essentially water insoluble. SAP absorbs water quickly and once swelled in water, it releases only a little water even under pressure. SAP can be used for a disposable diaper, incontinent underpads, water holding agents for agricultural/horticultural use, industrial dewatering agents, etc.


1. Higher efficiency to absorbency.
2. Superior suction power to absorb liquid.
3. Higher gel strength.
4. Hardly releases the water absorbed even pressured in some measure.
5. Almost no toxicity.
6. Excellent stability under heat and light.
7. Not dissolve in water and almost all of solvents.

1. Low residual monomer
2. Low water soluble component
3. High absorbency under load
4. Fast absorbing rate

1.Disposable diapers;
2.incontinent underpads and other nonwoven products.
3.Water holding agent for agricultural/horticultural application
4.Industrial dewatering agent
-. Water absorptive rubber
-. Plastic blending
-. Electric cable wrap etc.
5.Water-proof packing/drying.
6.Dew inhibiting agent for wall and ceiling board materials.
6.Alkali battery
8.Ice / Hot pack
9.Controlled release agent for air freshener.
10.Lubricant for building. etc

1. Recommend dosage: diaper (8-15g/pcs); napkin (0.3-0.5g/pcs); compound paper (30-80g/ m2)
2. The above recommend dosage is for reference; customer can change dosage according to practical product design and equipment circumstances.